Hey, I'm Tina!

As ADHDers, we all have our own interests and talents.

Mine is numbers.

When I was little, doing math equations was my favourite hobby. In class, my favourite topic was maths and numbers. It was my stand out subject that I just understood, which was comforting in a world that I didn't understand, and a world that didn't understand me.

As an adult, I still get numbers. They're comforting and can hold my attention like nothing else (ok, maybe cats too!)

However, as good as I was at numbers and my work as an Accountant, I struggled with impulsive spending, budgeting and working out my own money. Typical finance advice was boring and it made me avoid it. So I took matters into my own hands and really found out what worked for my brain... and as I would find out much later, my ADHD brain.

Now I'm on a mission to help other ADHD adults to manage their money in a away that works for their brain. I'll help you find that so you can finally be in a place to work on your money.